Spring Ahead

Sorry about the hiatus, everyone. I hope that I’ve made clear that my schedule is less than accommodating and restful, and unfortunately this blog slipped through my fingers over the past month. Luckily, things seem to be settling down a little bit, so I’m able to update today.

Here’s a breakdown in what’s been happening:
My parents and I are starting to nail down visits in July. We’ll be flying out to see some schools, and I’m excited to see what they’ll be like. I’m still researching on sites like College Confidential, and I’m reaching more advanced thinking where I’m looking through class catalogues to see what schools offer. I’m also continuously revising and combing over my list of schools, and there has been several changes over the past couple of weeks as circumstances have played out.
I’m preparing a little compilation of poems and short fiction that I’ve written in debate out rounds, appropriately called Out Round. I have a tentative release date in mind for June–since I still have a lot of revising to do, I won’t say when–and I’ll be publishing the compilation here for all to see. Out Round isn’t anything that’s going to win me a Pulitzer, but I’m hoping it showcases what I’m able to do creatively in a nice little package. Stay tuned.
Last night was the team’s banquet to celebrate a year full of successes. It’s amazing to be on a team with so many talented debaters and speechies, and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store. I’m thinking I’m going to try some unorthodox strategies and other miscellaneous things I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Of course, there’s other things that are more important for me right now, so I have to put those things on the back shelf. We’ll see.
*SAT practice has been going well so far. I’ve got less than a month before I take it, so I’m doing my best to cram as much as I can in with the time I have left.
*I managed to find a summer opportunity that allows me to stay active on a regular basis during July and August, while allowing me generous time to visit/work on colleges, to vacation, and to write. My primary focus is on Out Round right now, but there’s a bunch of ideas that I hope I’ll be able to work on over summer.

Onward! Thank you for your patience!


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