Hanukkah is Over

No more neon candles, no more puppet shows,
no more easy to read Seuss books,
no more kickball on dusty unkempt fields,
no more learners chess plastic rooks

no more Legos, no more Hot Wheels,
no more bags of fun sized Lays,
no more beach balls and mini swim trunks,
no more bar mitzvah study days

no more cramming for spelling bees,
no more touch football at day camp,
no more gummy vitamins, and scented bug spray,
no more Eric Carle by the nighttime lamp.

No more high-pitched voices, no more naivete,
eyes always six feet off the floor,
no more bloodshot less eyes, nor bag free skin,
and armless pits and lips are no more.

If you look west past Boston’s skyline,
you can see where this all this took place,
where youth rose and fell and slipped away,
leaving memories and passed, filled days.


Oberlin College, Class of 2020


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