Here are some links, college related or otherwise, that I feel are worth a look.

COLLEGE (note: this list is not indicative of the colleges I’m considering, nor my current process): This is a compilation of blogs written by Oberlin College students. Though it’s not completely related to the admission process, this site provides a valuable insight into college life and student activities. Though it’s no longer updated by the New York Times, there’s still a lot of good advice contained here (and given that it was last updated in 2013, the information is not outdated). The Choice pertains not just to high schoolers, but to college students and parents as well, making it an all-around useful tool. Written by Lynn O’Shaughnessy, a nationally recognized college expert, The College Solution contains a lot of articles (160 pages worth, at the time of this writing) pertaining to anything and everything related to college. You’d be surprised not only about what Lynn chooses to write about, but about the quality of the articles themselves.

WRITING: Probably the best site out there for teenage writers. It not only provides an opportunity for teenagers to see their work gain some recognition (including yours truly), but Teen Ink also offers plenty of good advice relating to college and summer programs. Give them a shot. A newer site, Write the World takes a different approach to Teen Ink in that it offers writing prompts. It’s been a source of inspiration for my personal writing, and their site is beautifully designed.

PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE: A PDF guide regarding the critical rules and format of public forum debate. I’ve been debating for my entire high school career now, and I’m still using this as a source of information. I feel every debater should have this in hand when they go into a round. A nice blog that provides introductions to topics and then breaks down each position. If you don’t want to spend money on briefs, they do a great job of providing what you need to know to be successful in a topic.


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